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Week Of Prayer, 2017

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Our Need For Reformation Today

rmrh2017_6_1_tn Yesterday, Today, and Forever
The principles of Protestantism live on: Salvation by faith alone, the authority of Scripture as the rule of doctrine and practice, redemption through Christ alone, and all must be dedicated to the glory of God.
rmrh2017_6_2_tn Our Need for Reformation Today

We must resist the temptation to water down the truth to please the itching ears of the carnally minded. Let us rather give the trumpet a certain sound in promoting the present truth for today.

rmrh2017_6_3_tn The Voice at Wittenberg

Martin Luther was a man for his time, a fearless defender of truth in the vanguard of reformation exactly when the hour was ripe. May such integrity live on!

rmrh2017_6_4_tn Sola Gratia: By Grace
We don’t deserve eternal life, we don’t deserve God’s favor. All our righteousness is as filthy rags. The reason God extends to us His grace is because we are so undeserving and need it so very much.
rmrh2017_6_5_tn Sola Fide: By Faith Alone

Salvation comes through faith in the atoning sacrifice of the Saviour, not through things that we in our conceit boastfully think we have accomplished. This reality must be presented to a proud, perishing world.

rmrh2017_6_6_tn Sola Scriptura: By Scripture Alone

The Almighty has been kind enough to put in writing His will for the human race. By taking heed to the sacred scriptures, we have access to the real truth and can rest our hope on a solid foundation.

rmrh2017_6_7_tn Solus Christus: Through Christ Alone

As we cherish the sacrifice made by the Son of God, the saving blood covenant has power to transform our faulty human nature into a reflection of the character of Christ.

rmrh2017_6_8_tn Solo Deo Gloria: Glory to God Only
Human vanity is worthless. Glory belongs only to God because He is our Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier, and Supplier. He alone is holy.
rmrh2017_6_9_tn The Bible

An ode to the treasured Book of Books that is more valuable than gold because it teaches of the glories of Heaven and the Light of life.