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Week Of Prayer, 2015

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The First Educational Institution

Education begins in the family–a blessed institution established by the Creator Himself. God calls His faithful people to a great work of reformation, to carry out the Elijah message given through the prophet Malachi and echoed in the ministry of John the Baptist.

Reading 1: The True Science of Education

Sound physical development, Christian character-building, a spirit of service and unselfish ministry–these should be essential aims when establishing our educational goals.

Reading 2: The Christian Home

By communing with God in His creation and cultivating family relationships according to the guidelines found in Scripture, we can be refreshing lighthouses in a confused, sin-sick world that is longing to see something better.

Reading 3: A Complete Education: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual

A well-balanced education involves the development of the whole person–body, soul, and spirit. This is very important in order to promote health, religious vigor, and clarity of thought.

Reading 4: Turning the Heart of the Fathers to the Children

We all want to see our children flourish, especially spiritually. What is the best recipe to make this happen successfully–and where does it all begin?

Reading 5: The Ultimate Goal—Seeking for Excellence

Flaws and failures characterize society today–but Heaven’s message of hope and strength through Jesus Christ can transform the believing soul into a victorious new creature.

Reading 6: Influence of a Christian Home

God has a purpose for each of us as individuals and as families–and the faithful households we establish can exert a powerful effect on the next generation and the public at large.

Reading 7: Serving Christ in the New Millenium

Every believer in Christ is called to be a witness for Him; each should seek the best kind of training to be able to carry out very task as effectively as possible. What a privilege we have to grasp every opportunity to learn more!

The Highest Education

Learning, experience, and success can all lead to the snare of human pride—but full surrender to the Lord and submission to His will enable us to rest in His love. Such peace offers the highest grade of understanding.

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