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East-Central U.S. Field 2017 Field Conference

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“I Am the True Vine”

From June 16 through 18, the East-Central US Field held their annual field conference at Bethany College in West Virginia. This conference held fond memories to many of those that have been coming to this location for nearly two decades. Some youth were discussing how it has been a number of years that they have been attending and how it feels like their annual tradition. Also, it was quite a blessing, because there were several families visiting for the very first time. In total, we had an attendance of more than 100 brothers and sisters, for this holy convocation.

We had the pleasure of hearing, Br. Davi Paes Silva, Br. Daniel Lee, Br. Bobby Bell, Br. Richard Dippold and Br. Paul Gavric. All were blessed by the messages that were received. We were reminded how the world and modern media strives to replace the need for connection which we may feel. Jesus Christ was exalted as the only and True Vine. We were enlightened by the spiritual lessons that brethren of experience learned while working in the vineyard. But the highlight was when we were explained from God’s Word that Repentance, Love and Righteousness are the fruit we are called to bear: The Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Personal experiences were shared by speakers and participants and appealed to all souls to remain connected to the Vine.

Every time God’s people respond to His invitation and attend these spiritual gatherings they are particularly blessed by our Heavenly Father. This has surely been the result of this conference. We cannot but admit that we have come forth a little closer to each other and most importantly to our beloved Savior. We are truly looking forward to next year and the years after that until our Lord returns to rescue His waiting children who bear fruit to His glory.

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