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2023 Fall Bible Conference: The Lord Is Our Righteousness

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“In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this [is] his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. (Jeremiah 23:6)”


  • The Righteousness of Christ, Our Immediate Need
  • Look to the cross of Calvary
  • The Sign of Righteousness: Baptism
  • Take the Stand for Righteousness
  • Manifestation of the Righteousness of Christ,
    • Notable SOP Quotes:
      • When we look to the cross of Calvary, we see that the highest claims of the law were met in the efficiency of the offering. Hence, Jesus is called “the Lord our righteousness.” When we lay hold on the merit of Christ, and are able to say, “The Lord is my Saviour, my righteousness,” then we are justified by faith, and have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. ST November 10, 1890, par. 3
      • We are justified through the merits of Jesus, and this is God’s acknowledgment of the perfection of the ransom paid us. That Christ was obedient even unto the death of the cross is a pledge of the repenting sinner’s acceptance with the Father. Then shall we permit ourselves to have a vacillating experience of doubting and believing, believing and doubting? Jesus is the pledge of our acceptance with God. We stand in favor before God, not because of any merit in ourselves, but because of our faith in “the Lord our righteousness.” . . . HB 130.5


  • Friday,
    • 6:00 pm – Light dinner
    • 7:00 pm – Conference Opening: Topic 1
  • Sabbath
    • 7:00 am – Personal hour of prayer and meditation
    • 8:00 am – Breakfast
    • 9:30 am – Sabbath School
      • Age 1 to 9 – Roxanne 
      • Age 10 to 18 – Orlando  
      • English: Age 18 and up – Ghennady  
      • Spanish: Age 18 and up – Viktor S  
      • Russian: Viktor M
    • 11:00 am – Divine Service: Topic 2
    • 1:00 pm – Fellowship Lunch
    • 2:00 pm – Walk in Nature
    • 3:00 pm – Topic 3
    • 5:30 pm – Dinner
    • 7:00 pm – Topic 4 and Closing of the Sabbath
  • Sunday
    • 7:00 am – Personal hour of prayer and meditation
    • 7:30 am – Breakfast (at the Temple Hills church)
    • 10:00 am – Outing

Lodging (new hotel):

  • If you reserved a hotel room, the check-in begins on September 22 at 3PM, keyword SDARM.
    • Register for accommodations: 2023 Fall Bible Conference Registration Form (suggested donation $75 /night)
    • Hotel Location: Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Camp Springs (Andrews Air Force Base), MD,
      4950 Mercedes Blvd, Camp Springs, MD 20746
  • If you are staying in the church, you have to arrive before 6PM.
    • Church Address: SDARM Temple Hills
      2708 John A Thompson Rd
      Temple Hills, MD 20748
  • The conference will begin at 7PM at the address below,
    • Conference Location:
      5200 Temple Hill Rd
      Temple Hills, MD 20748


Friday night – light dinner (at the conference location):

  • Fruit – watermelon
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Sabbath morning breakfast (at the SDARM Temple Hills church):

  • Fruit: peach, apple, banana and blueberry
  • Cereals and milk (rice and soy milk)
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Sabbath lunch:

  • Haystacks (vegan dressing, beans, rice, chips, lettuce/kale/spinach, olives)
  • Vegetable rice (side-dish)
  • Tofu

Sabbath dinner:

  • Fruit
  • Vegan pastries and pies
  • Chia Seed Pudding

Sunday morning (breakfast at the Temple Hills church):

  • Fruit: peach, apple, banana and blueberry
  • Cereals and milk (rice and soy milk)
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich


  • Sunday, September 24, 2023, 10-3PM
    • TBD

We look forward to seeing you there along with your friends and family. Please reach out if you need additional details or information: 24O-6O4-8844.