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2018 East-Central U.S. Field Conference

From July 19 through 22, the East-Central US Field held their annual field conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. After nearly two decades the location was changed to meet at the East-Central U.S. field’s headquarters office in Indianapolis, IN. We had the pleasure of hearing, Br. Walter Lukic, Br. Jorai Cruz and Br. Eli Tenorio.

All were blessed by the messages that were received. We were reminded how to regain the first love. We were blessed with hearing messages of the ‘Appeal of a True Witness’, an appear inviting believers around the world in the need for love (Thursday, July 19). Then we journeyed through history to the church of Philadelphia and remember how they were neither hot nor cold (Friday, July 20). We then identified the reasons why Love Grew Cold (Friday, July 20). At last, on Sabbath, July 21, we learned of the Power of First Love and how each individual can be an overcomer. The highlight of the conference was the opportunity to volunteer in the downtown Indianapolis area to distribute basic supplies and bibles to those in need of physical and spiritual food.

We cannot but admit that we have come forth a little closer to each other and most importantly to our beloved Savior. We are truly looking forward to next year and the years after that until our Lord returns to rescue His waiting children who bear fruit to His glory.