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2016 Bethany WV Camp Meeting

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Bethany Camp Meeting 2016

“Walk in Love”

Bethany, West Virginia has been the home to our field-wide annual camp meetings for many years. This year it was held from June 17 through the 19. The theme was titled “Walk in Love,” the divine principle around which all family relationships are centered. We had about 110 brethren and friends in attendance from Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Canada.

The main speakers were Br. Sureshkumar, Br. Dorival Dumitru, Br. Daniel Lee and Br. Vukotic. They brought to us four important topics entitled: “Families in Trouble,” “Walk in Love,” Parents & Children,” and “Back to Eden.” We also had the privilege of having Sis. Katherine Lee with us and the women had the delight of having her hold a workshop in which the discussion was the importance of their duty in the home.

The highlight to this camp meeting was the consecration and commitment that Br. Orlando Estevez made to the Lord in being ordained into the ministry. He was ordained by Br. Sureshkumar, Br. Dumitru, and Br. Vukotic. All the people that attended were pleasantly surprised.

The Lord truly blessed us during this camp meeting with important messages, and wonderful musical items. Let’s remember that the Lord is to be the center of our homes if we want happy-filled lives, and to always walk in love with each other.

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