Our Urgent Need Of The Holy Spirit

 June 14-16, 2013  –  Bethany Camp Meeting THEME: “Our Urgent Need Of The Holy Spirit“ Bethany College,  Bethany, WV 26032  Topics Include: The Unsinkable Ship. Are we empty vessels? The Baptism Of the Holy Spirit. Are You Prepared to go home? For more information and accommodations, please contact:  Ljuban Vukotic • (614) 702-3904 Boris Gurduiala • […]

Food Bank

Food Bank Facts: When is the Food Bank open? Saturday from 2:30 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. Where? SDA Reform Movement, 2708 John A Thompson Rd, Temple Hills, MD, 20748 What is provided? The Food Bank provides food to anyone. Typically families select from among the following: canned vegetables, soup, fruit, and beans; packaged drinks, cereal, candy, cookies, and […]